Balance-O™ by Oceanic Fitness Pvt. Ltd. is a balance testing system that enables physicians to accurately assess balance, stability problems and pinpoint their source.

Postural stability is achieved by maintaining an upright body alignment against gravitational force and preserving the equilibrium of the centre of mass (CoM) in an individual’s base of support. Successful postural control requires the contribution from a complex sensory system comprising visual, somatosensory, and vestibular modalities as well as motor control systems. Ground reaction forces is amongst the prominent parameters used for Gait assessment. It gives an approximation of the projection of body’s centre of mass on the ground. This manual describes wearable sensor module development for estimation of centre of foot pressure estimation. Gait events like balance stability and lateral fall is detected. Compact module packaging makes it comfortable in wearing and does not interfere in natural movements. Real time ground reaction forces from all the sensors and centre of foot pressure has also determined.

Major application(s)

The developed foot pressure sensor is used for assessing balance stability of individuals

  1. Postural Assessment System is safe to use as a training tool for sit-to-stand, stand-to-sit, joint movements for stance and gait analysis.
  2. It will bring significant improvement in postural sway.
  3. The developed system will bring significantly better improvement in spasticity scores of ankle dorsiflexion and planar flexion.


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