Strength Training Equipment


Strength Training Equipment – Strength Training Exercise Equipment is used by weightlifters, athletes and first responders to build muscle, increase strength, enhance performance and prevent injury. Strength equipment manufacturers design and fabricate their commercial strength training equipment to isolate targeted muscles and muscle groups as well as to provide a platform where compound movements involving multiple muscle groups can be performed. Weight training equipment such as power cages and power racks provide a hub for prime movers like squats, bench presses, shoulder presses and deadlifts, also known as the “core four”, where weightlifters can perform these heavy weightlifting exercises in a safe environment without fear of missing a rep.

Plate Loaded Strength Equipment – Plate loaded strength training equipment like 45 degree leg presses with linear bearings, unilateral converging chest presses and plate loaded lat rows help mimic free weight exercises done with dumbbells or barbells and utilize Olympic weight plates for resistance. Many of these machines now include some form of plate storage as well as adjustable pads for better customization. Most commercial gyms offer a full line of plate loaded strength machines that isolate all the different muscles groups of the body.

Selectorized Strength Training Machines – Many find that strength equipment with weight stacks is the least intimidating and the most convenient form of resistance based exercise equipment. Resistance levels on these weight stack exercise machines, such as lat pulldowns and bicep curl machines, is as simple as adjusting the selector pin. Selectorized strength equipment includes fully adjustable pads, rollers and in most cases positions the weight stack in close proximity to the user while seated.

Bodyweight Training Strength Equipment – Bodyweight training equipment is also a form of strength equipment wheras instead of weight plates or weight stacks, the trainee uses his or her own bodyweight as the resistance. Abdominal benches and glute ham developers, or “GHD”, are probably two of the most common strength training gym equipment pieces you’ll see in both residential and commercial gyms.

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