Heavy Duty commercial treadmills are a forte of oceanic fitness.

These machines are much sturdier, with longer life as compared to imported machines. Superior cushioning technology of floating deck makes walking/running a pleasure with zero injury to the knee.

These machines are designed to run even after severe mishandling in the gyms, even at  the most severe conditions(climate, altitude), unsteady voltages(high/low) generators (even local) so the pre requisite of expensive servos for imported machines is not required for oceanic machines.

Excellent After sale service and prompt availability of spare parts from our end, keeps your machine run much longer as compared to imported machines which have serious issues with after sales service and non availability of spare parts.

We repair our machines even at the chip level and all the software is self programmed, so the cost of maintenance of these machines is much cheaper

Having a technical manpower and dedicated manufacturing we can design a treadmill as per your requirement and budget.

  • Speed : 0.8 – 30 Km/hr
  • Elevation : 0-20% with 0.5% increment or desired.
  • Elevation Motor : 550 Kg thrust
  • Drive motor : 3 HP AC (Model OC 303), 4 HP AC (Model OC 403), 5 HP AC (Model OC 503) And 6 HP AC (Model OC 603).
  • Driving system : Inverter Drive (Industrial grade).
  • Running Surface : 62″ x 21″ & other options
  • Roller Size : 114 mm diameter balanced
  • Program : As desired since software is in house development, Serial/USB compatible 
  • Display : Time, Speed, Distance, Incline, Calorie, Time Left, Heart rate pulse, workout profile vs Time, 400 mtr track, lap counter, VO2 max with score (For fit test only).
  • Display type : High resolution, LED windows & 8×24 dot matrix, 9 LED indication for easy readout.
  • Cushioning : Float deck on elastomer
  • Safety : Emergency stop over, speed protection, motor lock, Wireless Chest band (optional).
  • User weight : Model 303 – 180 kg, Model 403 – 220 kg, Model 503 – 250 kg.
  • Dimension : 2050 mm x 870 mm.
  • Certification : ISO 9001-2008, CE, NSIC, OEM by DIC – Govt. Punjab.