Static Balance Analysis System

Product Specifications
‐ Light weight portable platform for easy access and installation.
‐ Balance Training includes stabilization, weight shift and range of motion exercises with various difficulty levels.
‐ Fall Risk Assessment using static force platform, objectively quantifies postural sway limits to predict fall risk.
‐ Test Protocols includes Romberg 30 sec, Romberg 1 min, Eyes Open, Eyes Closed, With Foam, Without Foam.
‐ Has facility to measure Limits of Stability, 90% confidence ellipse, Romberg Quotient, Weight Distribution,
Standard Deviation Velocity and Trace Length.
‐ Weight Bearing Squat Test (WBS) and Custom Balance Training
provides faster recovery in patients.
‐ Visual Biofeedback – Motivates patient by prompting proper
balance control in real-time. Allows clinician to
easily monitor patient during interactive testing/training.
‐ Larger Display for improved user experience.
‐ Normative Data of healthy population stored for test comparisons
of patients.
‐ Adjustable support handles for an unobstructed, open
environment during a variety of training activities .
‐ Report Generation and Printing of Test Reports are available.
‐ Test results can be stored for later analysis and comparisons.
‐ Software is equipped with Posturogram and Stabilogram for
better analysis of balance tests.
– System is supplied with Foam Pad for unstable testing, Personal Computer, Balance Software and Printer.
‐ Developed by CSIO‐CSIR, Govt. of India and Oceanic Fitness Pvt Ltd. as a part of “MAKE IN INDIA” initiative.


Balance-O balance diagnosis is based on the measurement of vertical pressure fluctuations, detailed analysis and precise results referenced to normative database. Measurement is performed on five independent force sensor plates. Through its use in PGI Chandigarh and Indian Spine Institute Center Delhi, Balance-O has been proven to produce more sensitive and exact results than those produced by traditional static and dynamic posturography systems. With its user-friendliness and accurate, non-invasive testing, the Balance-O system has become an important tool in the management of overall health for patients with a wide range of problems.

With sincerity and hard work of our professionals, we have carved a niche for ourselves in this domain by offering premium quality  of Postural  Balance Analysis System.


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