Gait Training Treadmill with Instrumented Deck

Model Name/Number REHAB 303 , REHAB 403, REHAB 503
Brand Oceanic Fitness
Material MS
Weight USER WEIGHT -220 KG
Set Contains Dell All in one Window 10 computer
Display 7 inch Touch screen display with 21 inch LCD screen
Analysis Comprehensive assessment of pelvis,hip,knee,foot and ankle joint motion Gait temporal parameters
Usuage Hospitals,Rehabilitation Centers,Sport Injury Clinics
Certification CE
Sotware Window 10 Compatible Gait Software
SPEED starting speed is 0 .1km / hr
SPEED INCREMENT Speed increment is as small as 0.1 km/hr
BELT 3500 MM X 580 MM belts are locked at Stop position and so will not move at all even during
  1. Treadmill deck is instrumented to give basic GAIT PARAMETERS
  2. Graphical and numeric measurements of Step count; Steps
  3. Per minute (cadence); Stride length; and Left vs. Right gait symmetry.
  4. All in one Dell window PC with gait training software attached to store patient gait data.Oceanic treadmill starting speed is 0 .1km / hr
  5.  It’s Speed increment is as small as 0.1 km/hr
  6. Oceanic  treadmill belts are locked at Stop position and so will  not move at all even during shifting heavy patients from wheel chair during unweighing therapy  onto the treadmill.
  7. Accleration can be adjusted  as per therapy  requirements.
  8. They are equipped with reverse speed for backward walking.
  9.  Treadmill has option of both  Decline and Incline .
  10.  Console is  fully compatible and integral with Oceanic unweighing System.
  11. Treadmill is designed for  the therapist to  stand along with the patient at Start position and henceforth can take weight of both patient and Therapist even at very low speed.
  12. Therapist can stand on machine at start position . Treadmill can take the weight of patient and therapist even at low speed


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