Underwater Treadmill for Horse



Horse Hydrotherapy
  For Rehabilitation
Material  SS 304, medical approved
Dimensions Size  L-150″ x W- 42″ x H- 78″
With Water Jets High Pressure water jets
Filter Basic Particle filteration
Cartridge /
Sand Filteration system /
UV Filtration system for offline cleaning and Purification/
Salt water can also be used for Therapy
Motor power Powerful strong  motor to take load of all breeds
Display Features Display of temp, level, speed and other essential
Speed  Treadmill Starting Speed is 0.1 km/hr
Speed Incerment is as small as 0.1 km/hr
Temperature Control Energy saving water heating system
Doors  Both side openable door
Ramps  Ramp for easy entry & exit
Water Level control Transfer drain pumps for quick and precise filling and auto level control


The Oceanic Equine Underwater Treadmill system is designed using the benefits of water (Buoyancy, Resistance and Temperature Control). Our Aqua Treadmill is a tool that can improve the lives of animals which require rehabilitation post surgery & for obesity control.

Horses suffering from orthopedic problems like Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis, bony changes, Post Surgeries and Nerve entrapment and paralysis can benefit from aqua therapy. Also horses with knee problems and spine problems , Back Pain, benefit tremendously by using this hydrotherapy treadmill.




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